The Olden Times

Ah…the olden times.
Those were the days when the sun came up from the east and set in the west…some things never change.

I don’t really remember anything from the time when I was a baby. Even though I still hold onto my claim of being highly intelligent, I don’t think it would have held true back when I probably thought myself unlucky to have landed on the blue planet.

There are times when I feel hazy memories coming back at me: a strange black room with a window opening to leaping flames, a cauldron set on a fire in the middle of the room. The weirdest thing being the strange guy talking to me. Strange pointy head, long nose, razor-sharp teeth, long talons and a long tail ending in a spike, kind of reminds me of the that devil dude, but what would the devil want with me right? Funny thing is I can’t make sense of what he says to me:

You shall be my successor! Wreak havoc in the world!

Weird huh? yeah I know…

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