Today I realized #2

Most of your life is made up of insignificant days, when nothing remarkable happens that is out of the ordinary that you would remember even half a day later. The rest of the days are divided into those that had some amount of activity, and those that took you on an emotional roller coaster. We wake up each day hoping that it will turn out to be good, but more often than not we keep our expectations in check. This might not apply to the people who perhaps have their lives figured out well enough to know how their days are going to pass. But I, an average Jane, am nowhere near having figured out an iota of my life, even after the day has passed. I don’t believe there is any job that can be so exciting/happening that no day is same as the previous one. Even for movie stars a new set, a new movie, a new cast becomes a job once the camera starts rolling.
So what is it that keeps us going? It just hit me a few years ago during a moment of introspection that we are quite possibly all living by the phrase “hope for the best, prepare for the worst”. I know there aren’t many people who would actually agree with me, but my life seems much easier having accepted this fact and applying it pretty much on a daily basis, without even knowing that I was just following this simple rule to contentment as drilled into us back in elementary school.
To me this line signifies the best possible amalgamation of all the optimism, pessimism and realism that an individual could operate on in their life. The optimist in you would wake up each day “hoping” that it’ll turn out great, better than the best day in your career, that you’ll be praised and rewarded for all your hard work. The pessimist will become Murphy’s advocate in letting your mind devise each and every possibility for things to go wrong that day. And then there will be the realist bringing in a healthy balance of keeping the excitement and the misery in check.
This is the key to that calm my friends and family praise me for, the quality of remaining unflappable in the eye of the storm. I’m pretty damn proud of keeping this balance of the isms and I owe it to whoever coined the phrase that I live by now.


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