Today I noticed #7

There are two keys on the keychain, facing opposite directions. They look the same because they are of the same brand and because they face opposite directions I can never say which one is on the left and which one is on the right, because it looks the same either ways. One key opens my room, one my parent’s. Every time I come home and Dad hands me the keys, it always takes two tries to unlock my door.
Everyday it happens and there’s no changing it. I thought it happened only with me because I prepared myself everyday to be defeated by the first key. But the other day when I got home and Dad handed me the keychain, instead of going back to his desk he stood behind me as I readied for the first try to fail.
“It’s always the second key”.
I turned to look at him in shock as he stared at the lock thoughtfully,
“It is a rule, only the second key will fit.”
I held my breath as I picked one key and fit in the lock. It didn’t turn. I quickly put the second key in and heard the satisfying click and smiled. I turned to look at Dad and he was mirroring my amused expression.
“Told you, it’s always the second key.”

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