Favorite bulb?

Last night baby brother sent some pictures from his new project on our family chat group. Dad marked a frame on the ceiling in one of his images and asked what that was for.
“Led filament bulbs”, brother said.
And then he took out one, plugged it into a holder and took a picture of it dangling on a wire from his hand.
“What do you think?”, he asked me. I told him that I had been searching for the exact same thing for my own projects.
“It’s called an Edison bulb”, I told him, as I studied the long slender glass bulb with the filament inside wired haphazardly. It gave a very steampunk feel as it glowed warmly and you could see the brightly lit up filament not zigzagging inside as if wired by hand. I asked him where he got it as my own procurement team was unable to find it locally.
Only one company was supplying these locally. I noted it down for reference and congratulated baby brother on his project shaping up nicely, comparing the interior design themes and jargon as the rest of the family silently scrolled on.
Suddenly Dad started typing in.
“Where did you find this bulb?”
“Denso Hall, papa”
“It is very nice”
“Thanks ^_^”
“This same bulb used to be in my maternal grandfather’s home, but with the real filament”
“It got fused the moment my grandfather passed away”
“Was it possessed?”, I joked.
“Maybe it was possessive”, baby brother replied.
“Yes we all wondered what had happened to that bulb”, Dad said, “It was my favorite bulb, I loved it so much, but it was round like a football, not slender like what you got”.
Of course he loved the bulb, he was a born engineer. But in that small flashback I saw my father as a young boy, ever so curious, wearing his thick glasses and tinkering with the fused bulb as he thought how maybe when he grew up, this moment will make more sense. That there would be a perfect explanation for his favorite bulb burning out the moment his grandfather passed.