Today I realized #3

Living in a third world country you don’t really expect anything to work the way it is supposed to. Of course developmental work is at a basic level, necessities are barely met, the population as a whole is still crawling about on the lowest level of Maslow’s Hierarchy, completely unaware that there is a life beyond scrambling for one’s basic needs. Meanwhile, a tiny fraction of the citizens have more money than they know how to spend, throwing lavish tea parties and soirees on a daily basis because how else could they spend their time since they don’t have to do anything.
Such disparity used to bother me when I initially found myself hovering on the fringes of the high society. I couldn’t fathom how some people could have so much and most could have nothing. The internal debate eventually led me to look at the country as a whole, dissecting the qualities and characteristics that create the huge divide. Doing a root cause analysis of why people are rich and why the riches can’t be shared, and why people are poor and can’t get any better, I finally felt a light bulb go off in my head. It is nothing but greed and envy at the most basic level that breeds corruption. Be it corruption at the level of giant conglomerates or governments, or your average general store that hands you a candy worth 1 rupee because they don’t have change to return your 5 rupees.
What is the end game? It all starts with a tiny seed of greed in their hearts. Either for wealth or power or both. It is envy of someone who is better off than you in status or money.
Such a simple thing that drives the world mad. A child sees another child with a better toy and wants it, his mother gets a cheap copy and tells him say it’s the real deal, the mother nags the husband for a nice dress, he maxes out his credit card, the husband requests for a raise, his boss fakes an appraisal with the subordinate writing a few reports for him. The boss wants a new car, he cuts a deal with his contact at the car dealership. The car manufacturer is making a loss, it lies about the safety tests conducted. To cover for the lies, the company gifts a few cars to the politician so he could lobby against other companies. The politician wants to move higher up in the food chain so he gets enforcers to get people to vote in his favor. We ask for deliverance from evil, but tell God we will get on the righteous path when evil is vanquished, otherwise our faith weakens.
Everything that is wrong with our world is because people cannot get over their greed, lust, envy and lies. If one stops wanting more, he will end up doing things the way he’s supposed to do.
Just think about it.