Today I Learned#1

Polaroids are actually polarized crystals that are long and cylindrical, and through a chemical reaction are forced to align themselves in straight lines at a tilted angle.
Basically they are like venetian blinds and a thin film is coated onto surfaces, e.g. sunglasses, possibly diagonally and in a way that it allows for a clear viewing angle but no direct sunlight.

None of this is taken from the Internet and is just an explanation given by my well of knowledge aka Dad.

Today I begin…

I’ve always been the sort of laid back person who could have been a hippie but would choose not to because it sounds like too much work. I wouldn’t want to live my life at a snail’s pace, but would love to be able to do things at my own pace. But of course that cannot and does not happen since one remains on the clock at all times. So I learned to take out pockets of time from each day to allow myself the luxury of enjoying small moments.
It is only recently that I realized how every day I learn something new, or figure out a tiny part of the universe, or wonder at something that is yet to unravel it’s mystery to me. Only a few days ago I decided that I will document the memory of these moments that suddenly stop me in my tracks and make me yank myself out of whatever thought bubble I am immersed in and fully experience that particular phenomenon as best as I could.
And so it begins…