high school = college = not a child anymore

Being a pseudo-geek I fancied physics enough to opt for engineering subjects when I went to college. It actually started on a good note because seeing as to how I got over 80% in school, I apparently automatically cleared the admission criteria. The conversation with the administration was brief:

Me: Hello…I want to-

Officer: Did you score over 80% in school?

Me: Y-yes

Officer: Congratulations, you’re in!

Those two years that I spent in college were brief, quite honestly it was all a blur and I barely remember anything, but it probably changed my life in some way. In the beginning I was afraid of being ragged but nobody ever came to me; I am told that I have a look on my face that either says, ‘put one finger on me and suffer the consequences’, or just as likely ‘I’m hungry and I have no friends’.

Besides the forgettable attempts at talent shows and literary plays, I remember being fascinated by a catfight during the council elections. I had never seen girls fight before and that after seeing the torn clothes, scratches and the hair on the floor yanked out in the girls’ fury, I could imagine why it was called a CATfight. Another memorable incident was when the principal got an anonymous bomb threat and all the students were evacuated to an empty ground behind the college. Owing to a life spent in the happening city of Karachi, we did what we always do on such occasions: We had a picnic.

For me, those two years were when I got to understand what the movie Mean Girls was all about, from cool cliques to nervous nerds to badass bitches (not my words, theirs). I think I made it to that select group of students who never made it to any gang. Perhaps it was better that way, I’d like to think I was the cool one among that lot. Maybe.